Travelling Book Junkie Book Review

Martin David Hughes

A big thank you to Tam at Travelling Book Junkie for publishing a very thoughtful review of Jaya Nepal! In her review, Tam recaps some of the events that occur in the novel and shares her thoughts on why Jaya Nepal! is a great read for travel junkies. Here is a sample of what Tam has to say about the novel:

Jaya Nepal! may be a fictitious story based on the experiences of a Peace Corps Volunteer, but thanks to the author’s due diligence with his research, the vivid, colourful descriptions transport you to an entirely different world, right from the comfort of your own armchair.

Tam concludes her review by saying

Whether you want to find out more about Nepal, Peace Corps volunteers, or are simply after a fantastic, realistic story to read, I guarantee that this is a book you will enjoy. If you still believe that Nepal is only for people who wish to turn themselves into mountain goats in order to climb to the top of a mountain, then you really must read this novel—it will open your eyes to a wider, diverse landscape that will have you champing at the bit to visit.

Thank you again, Tam, for reviewing Jaya Nepal! and sharing the story with your dedicated readers! You can read the full book review here.