Friends of Nepal Book Review

Martin David Hughes

I was recently pleasantly surprised to learn that Jaya Nepal! had been reviewed by Friends of Nepal (FoN). FoN is an organization founded by Nepal returned Peace Corps volunteers to help connect all friends of Nepal with various meaningful projects and causes happening in the country.

Friend of Nepal, Kate Tran, a member of the 194th group of Peace Corps volunteers serving in Nepal, was kind enough to read and review Jaya Nepal! for the FoN readership. Here is what Kate had to say about the novel:

For never having been a Peace Corps volunteer, Hughes does a remarkable job of depicting what life is really like for PCVs. Each chapter contains multiple potential discussion points and conversation starters. Some examples: Is it less intimidating to dance in the U.S. or in Nepal? How prepared did you feel following PST? Did being a PCV confer rock star status in Nepal? Would you splurge 5,000 rupees on everyday shoes when chappals would suffice? What motivated you to join Peace Corps and how did it change your life? I highly recommend this book to Nepal PCVs, and anyone who would like to better understand life as an expatriate in Nepal.

Many thanks to Kate Tran for her thoughtful review, and to Tamara Bhandari for coordinating the appearance of this review in FoN’s May 2015 newsletter. To read the review in its entirety, please click here.